About Us


Kyle and Dave Fultz are a father and son team of comedic jugglers who have been performing since 2002.  Their shows are generally about as comprehensive as any juggling demonstration you will ever see.  Gravitational Bull shows generally demonstrate  ball juggling, clubs, Chinese Yo-yo's, boxes, and devil sticks.  Sometimes, in appropriate settings, knives or flaming torches are used. Occasionally, plungers and rubber chickens seem to make their way into the action. Story-telling, balloon twisting, magic, plate and/or ball spinning and balancing may also be incorporated into the show.


Dave taught himself to juggle after seeing the great comedic juggler Michael Davis on an HBO special in 1979.  After being laid off from his original profession in manufacturing management several times, Dave decided that perhaps growing up was a mistake.  It appeared that the nine to five world was not for him.  So he turned to his life long love of laughter and playing with toys. Dave has performed multiple times with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.  A few years ago Dave performed in the circus scene in the American academy of Ballet's adaptation of the Nutcracker at the University of Buffalo's Center for the Arts.  Kyle started out juggling with his high school friends in a troupe called "The Gravity Pirates".  They performed in the original Buffalo's Got Talent Contest sponsored by radio station Kiss 98.5.  The troupe shocked everyone  by taking second place and they were off and running. Later, Kyle teamed with his Dad to go on the road, delighting audiences all over New York State and Pennsylvania. 


Today, Dave & Kyle can be found at corporate gigs, schools, community events, churches, private parties, or where ever people like to have fun. Just make sure you stand back, because whether you're amused or amazed, their throwing stuff around!