Balloon/Juggling Workshops

Introduction to Balloon Sculpture

This is a fun and imaginative introduction to the art of balloon sculpture. Inflating, tying, managing the air within the balloon, lock twists, tulip twists, fold twists, and other techniques are all demonstrated. Participants will make balloon sculptures all of their own and are encouraged to merge their newly acquired skill with their own limitless imagination to come up with their own works of art. This program helps students to develop dexterity, creativity and is just plain fun!

Juggling Workshop

An introduction to the age-old circus discipline of juggling in a way that anyone can understand, enjoy, and embrace.

There are many advantages to learning and participating in juggling. Not the least of these is aerobic exercise, confidence building, improved coordination, teamwork, dexterity and many more. But most of all juggling is just plain fun!

When we teach the art of juggling, its not just scarves, balls, and repetition. We introduce a myriad of different juggling props in the very best tried and true step-by-step methods.

Students will learn: Basic three ball juggling, diabolo, devil (luna) sticks, box manipulation and if time permits spinning and balancing.

Dave and Kyle have taught countless seminars and workshops on juggling, and have attended a number of juggling conventions and workshops where they have learned from some of the best in the world.

Kyle makes a relatable teacher as he is self taught in 3 ball, devil sticks, and off stick diabolo, he is able to quickly identify and help correct during the learning process.

This is a humorous, entertaining and memorable approach to learning to juggle.

Roving Juggling

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If a formal show is not what your event needs, perhaps a roving Juggler that also does balloon art would be just the right touch. Dave and Kyle Fultz have entertained the throngs at various events all over Western and Central NY with their unique style of street performing. You don't need a stage and microphone to bring the humor and fun of the circus arts to your event. Keep your Crowd involved with up close  magic,  zany giant balloon hats, and a 13 foot basketball hoop strapped to Kyle's back for all ages to try their skill. The age old art of performing on the go can give your event just the right festive feel. 

Learn to Learn Program

This is a fun, informative and unique program that illustrates how negative emotions can get in the way of the learning process. In this program we discuss how negative emotions such as fear, confusion, and frustration can form natural obstacles when you are trying to learn something that you may find difficult.

Dave draws from his personal experiences as a dad and professional trainer to show how these obstacles occur, how they inhibit the learning process and what we can do about them. Students can identify with real life examples like learning  to swim, learning to catch a fast ball, or struggling with homework.

A step-by-step incremental approach is introduced where each step has a clearly defined objective. Once you reach your goal for each step, you are prepared and confident that you can handle the next step.

The second part of the workshop is where things get really fun and interesting. the students are confronted with a learning situation that most people would regard as very difficult. The problem they are confronted with is, of course, learning to juggle.

By applying the step-by-step approach, students can comprehend a manageable path to learning. There is no fear of not keeping up with everyone else. There is no fear that they can't accomplish their goal. The frustration of failure is avoided and, in fact, replaced with the momentum of success.

This program teaches students the very best tried-and-true method of learning to juggle while they learn to learn. This is a humorous, entertaining and memorable approach to education that students may find helpful for many years to come.

Comedy Juggling Shows

Gravitational Bull delivers a very eclectic and entertaining show that is perfect for any event. Shows may contain comedy hat manipulation, ball juggling, diabolo (Chinese yo-yo), devil sticks, club juggling & passing, ring juggling, box manipulation, ball spinning & balancing.

There are sometimes even light up objects juggled in the dark. In addition, you might see plungers, rubber chickens, and in appropriate settings even knives and flaming torches fill the air in this action-packed demonstration.

Gravitational Bull shows generally involve audience participation, music, magic, story telling and balloon sculpture as well.

It is a 40 to 50 minute performance you won't want to miss! Our Comedy juggling shows may involve solo performances by Dave, or Dave and Kyle performing in both individual routines and duets. We always tailor our shows to fit exactly what you are looking for.

Your Audience won't soon forget this wonderfully entertaining first hand exposure to the age old art of juggling and much more!


Additional Information

Gravitational Bull boasts one of the most entertaining karaoke experiences available today. They bring over 29,000 songs, wireless microphones, a large 32" monitor screen, a large projection screen for audience participation and a full compliment of lights.  This is a fun night out for serious...or not so serious singers.  If you have a song in your heart come join the fun.

Oldies DJ

Several years ago Kyle and Dave met Dan Workman, a site supervisor at Delta Sonic.  Their shared appreciation for fun with music naturally led to an expansion of Gravitational Bull to include DJ services.  The Bull boys specialize in oldies music (50's thru 80's) and they are sure to get your feet moving!